why Pixel?

Pixel is a leading agency specialized in new media marketing and communication.

We strongly believe in long-term brand building – and that is a value inherited from traditional marketing. So when your company defines its strategic and marketing plans everything is pretty much business as usual.

The changes are on how we approach and communicate with your audience.

Traditional Advertisment Model

Traditional advertising model

Traditional advertising model says you have to create one big campaign plan (with one big theme and narrow focus), split the money between TV (70%), Magazines (25%), and online (5%) and ultimately get traditional results you’re used to today. Results that are diminishing given the change in consumer behavior on how and where media is consumed.

Traditional Spending

Pixel’s model

Pixel’s model advises you to split the money across all media through the consumer’s journey, with innovative cross-media actions.

Taking into consideration that the new consumers profile is more and more digital, mobile and interactive, Pixel has developed an innovative methodology to connect with the consumer.

Brand & Behavior©

It’s based on your company’s core values and plans, but instead of doing the traditional media planning we research your consumer’s journey – from acknowledging that your product exists to deciding to buy it again – and propose a plan of action for the important milestones of that journey through channels like the internet, chats, social networking, mobile texts, etc.

We have developed tools and techniques to communicate with your consumers, track and influence their behaviour; all to achieve your new media’s marketing strategy’s goals.

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